Britain's Foreign Secretary: Russia must return the Crimea to Ukraine

Foreign Secretary denounces Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea one year after.

Britain's Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said in a statement on the website of the Foreign Secretary, Censor.NET reports.

"Our message to Russia is consistent and clear: the annexation of Crimea was illegal and illegitimate in March 2014, and remains illegal and illegitimate in March 2015. Russia must return Crimea to Ukraine," Hammond said.

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According to him, the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia one year ago was a blatant breach of international law. "It showed total disregard for Ukraine's right to sovereignty and territorial integrity, and I condemn it in the strongest terms." It is completely unacceptable for Russia to use force to change borders, he added.

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"We do not recognise last year's sham referendum which President Putin has admitted was planned to provide a fig leaf for his land grab. This behavior threatens international security, and has grave implications for the legal order that protects the integrity and sovereignty of all states," he stated.

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