Russian Emergency Ministry denies death of Yanukovych Jr. in Lake Baikal (updated)

The Emergency Situations Ministry of the Russian Federation denies information about the death of Viktor Yanukovych (son of the former president of Ukraine) in an accident on Lake Baikal.

Andrei Shutov, press secretary of the Emergency Situations Ministry in the Irkutsk region said in a commentary for ВВС, Censor.NET informs.

He said that one person died when a Volkswagen minibus drowned in Lake Baikal, but his name was Viktor Davydov, not Yanukovych. He added that he doubts that "the president's son could be the driver."

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However, Russian journalist Oleg Kashin wrote on Facebook that "the name of the man who drowned in Baikal was Viktor Davydov. Davydova is the surname of Yanukovych Jr.'s grandmother, mother of Liudmyla Yanukovych."

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