Viktor Yanukovych Jr. drowned in Lake Baikal – Media

jr. yanukovych

Viktor Yanukovych (son of the former President of Ukraine) allegedly found dead in Russia, drowned in Baikal.

Censor.NET reports citing LB.ua.

The fact was confirmed by four sources, two of which belong to the circle of the ex-president in the Russian Federation. According to the sources, Volkswagen minibus with Yanukovych Jr. and five more people fell through the ice while they were engaged in sports activities on the lake. Viktor Yanukovych Jr. drowned, other passengers managed to escape. It is not reported who was driving.

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The tragedy on Lake Baikal was confirmed by General Directorate of the Emergency Situations Ministry in the Irkutsk oblast. "A minibus with six people drove on the ice to take pictures violating the corresponding road signs. In the vicinity of Cape Khoboy the car fell into a crevasse. The depth in this location is more than 20 m," the EMS reports.

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The name of the victim is not revealed.

The sons of the former President Yanukovych immigrated to Russia after his escape. Viktor Yanukovych Jr. is known for his passion for cars and motor racing. During the presidency of his father, he gathered a huge fleet of exclusive and expensive cars to Russia after his escape.

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