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 Fragments of Russian Buk missile found among the MH-17 debris – Butusov

The Dutch investigation revealed new evidence that the Boeing 777 flight MH-17, downed on July 17, 2014, killing 298 people, had been hit with a Russian Buk missile.

This was announced by Censor.NET Editor-in-Chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"Dear patriots of Ukraine and sympathizers! Please pay attention and do your best for spreading the information! I believe it's difficult to overestimate how important for Ukraine's struggle is the investigation by Prosecutor's Offices of the Netherlands and Australia jet liner Boeing 777 flight MH-17 downing, which was shot down in the skies over Torez on July 17, 2014. Russian propaganda spends hundreds of millions of dollars to create a false information veil about the events in Ukraine and Russia. The Kremlin is trying to present the brutal fascist regime of Putin as respectable. It is this virtual matrix that allows some corrupt politicians in the West talking about the need for dialogue with the Russia's bloody dictator. Investigation of the Boeing destruction is a unique opportunity to show that contemporary Russian fascism constitutes a threat to the world, and any contact with the Kremlin gang is shame and loss of reputation for decent people.

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"We don't have a propaganda machine, special services, and money to bribe the media and politicians. But we are stronger than Putin in a major thing - in power of truth, in energy and intelligence of tens of millions of sensible people. Direct communication in social networks is the most objective and reliable information, which no TV and no bots can blind and discredit. We ourselves are more powerful weapon than any intelligence agency.

"Some Europeans who support our struggle sent Censor.NET exclusive materials that prove that Boeing had been shot down with the latest Russian anti-aircraft missile system Buk-M1-2, that is the killing of those people is the handiwork of Russian regular troops that had invaded Ukraine:


"We have translated this essential text into English, for it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to all of us to have this information spread as widely as possible, especially to foreign media, preferably network resources, to English-language forums, and in the social media:


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"A wave that we wished for had already spread - our article about the submunitions has been discussed in the West, and today one of the Dutch newspapers published new exclusive materials. It turned out that the debris of the Russian Buk's case were found among the jet plane wreckage!

"Here's a short translation into Russian - http://censor.net.ua/…/v_oblomkah_malayiziyiskogo_boinga_na…

"And here's the news in English:

"However, the initial article in Flemish is published in full in the newspaper, and we have this great volunteer from the Netherlands Olga Shelomova who agreed to translate the full text! Hurray! We will have it tomorrow - this is important, for the Dutch leaked an excitingly detailed expertise, here's the full text:


"Our strategic task is to show the world that the word 'putin' is a dirty stigma of a killer and a criminal. No one but us can get this message across the tight informational flow," Butusov wrote.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n329288