Kyiv Prosecutor Yuldashev believes criminal proceedings against him are personal revenge of Deputy Prosecutor General Bahanets

Prosecutor of Kyiv Serhii Yuldashev casted doubt on objectivity of investigation conducted against him by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.

He said at a briefing Wednesday evening, Censor.NET reports citing the Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv press service.

"It was an unpleasant surprise for me when I learnt that the Main Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office launched criminal proceedings against me. It is known that the reason for this was the application of Verkhovna Rada deputy Kuprii," Yuldashev said.

He also drew attention of journalists to the fact that the answer to the application of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deputy was signed by Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleksii Bahanets, "who has a number of private claims to me, first of all, for my principled stand."

"Back in fall we carried out inquiry which revealed that Vitalii Bahanets (Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleksii Bahanets' youngest son) was involved in protection of gambling while occupying the post of the Head of the Prosecutor's Office in Kyiv. There are more than 20 reports from district prosecutor's offices officials confirming this fact," Yuldashev said.

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According to the Prosecutor of Kyiv, he has sent the internal investigation files to the Prosecutor General's Office Internal Security Directorate for a decision. "Why these materials have not been processed within the criminal proceeding is a question to the Prosecutor General's Office," he added.

Yuldashev also noted that the decision to open criminal proceedings against him had been made in the absence of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. At the same time, the prosecutor called the statements published by Kuprii absurd and the ones which don't stand up to scrutiny. However, Yuldashev raised no objections that they have been verified in accordance with applicable legislation.

"Anyway, I do not mind that my involvement in these events is investigated. But will such an investigation be impartial if it is held by Deputy Prosecutor General Oleksii Bahanets?" he said.

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