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 Putin at concert dedicated to occupation of Crimea: "Russians and Ukrainians are one people. We will do our best to normalize relations"

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that Russia intends to normalize relations with Ukraine.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing UNIAN correspondent in Russia.

Putin stated this, speaking in the center of Moscow at a concert dedicated to the anniversary of the annexation of Ukrainian Crimea.

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"We, in Russia, have always believed that Russians and Ukrainians are one people. I still think so now. Of course, extreme nationalism is always harmful and dangerous. I am sure that the Ukrainian people will give an objective assessment of the activities of those who brought the country to such a state," Putin said.

"We, for our part, we'll do everything that we can for Ukraine to go through this difficult period in its development as quickly as possible, and all in order to establish regular interstate relations," he said.

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Putin believes that Russia would go ahead and "overcome the difficulties that we easily create for ourselves."

He is confident that Russia would overcome the difficulties created from the outside, because "it is useless with regard to Russia."

According to Putin, the Russian people have shown 'amazing composure' on the issue of annexation of Crimea.

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