Submunitions that hit Malaysian Boeing coincide with warhead filling of the newest Russian anti-aircraft missile - Butusov


The investigators received access to all kinds of anti-aircraft missiles used by Air Force and Air Defense of Ukraine.

This was announced by Censor.NET Editor-in-Chief Yurii Butusov in his article SUBMUNITIONS OF RUSSIAN MISSILE BUK-M1-2 (AKA SA-17) WHICH DOWNED THE MALAYSIAN BOEING MH-17. EXCLUSIVE PHOTO REPORT.

"The configuration of missile's submunitions was identified fairly quickly. The extracted submunitions are very similar to those of Buk-M1. Ukraine has such Buks in its defense, but of course, there were none of them near Torez, in the rear of the occupied area, only Russian ones. The form of the elements looks similar, but the size differs. NATO intelligence services have carried out a large-scale parallel search of modern Russian ground-to-air missiles submunitions. By an operation the details of which have not been yet disclosed, a warhead of a Buk-M1-2 missile of Russian production fell into hands of investigators. When it was disassembled, it turned out that submunitions that hit the Boeing are exactly the same as those of the warhead of this modern Russian anti-aircraft missile. Buk-M1-2 complex was developed in 1997, supplied to the Russian Armed Forces in 1998, and never delivered to Ukraine.

"Thus, the Prosecutor's Offices of the Netherlands and Australia have prepared a convincing evidence base which also includes a number of other details that are not yet subject to disclosure," Butusov wrote.

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This image shows real crumpled subammunition of the Buk-M1-2, extracted from the Boeing, and a whole subammunition, extracted from a missile warhead.


Here are models of subammunitions of missile warheads which destroyed the Boeing, in actual size.


Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n328945