McCain: Putin will learn that the price for aggression will be higher than his goals


U.S. Republican senator John McCain believes the war in the east of Ukraine will end soon given certain conditions.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Ukrinform, John McCain told about these conditions to TSN.Tyzhden TV program.

He said one of the ways to stop Putin was in Ronald Reagan's phrase 'Peace through strength.' According to McCain, by demonstrating strength, by helping Ukraine to protect itself, by moving NATO forces to neighboring countries of Poland, Romania, and the Baltic, the U.S. sends a message to Putin that the price he will pay for the aggression will be higher than his goals.

He noted that Putin should understand who he was. According to the senator, Russia's president is an old KGB officer who intended to revive Russian empire. And Ukraine is a key element, for Russia arose from Kyiv, McCain said adding that while Ukraine is conducting reforms, things might end really fast with Putin.

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The U.S. senator also stressed that in order to win the war in the east of Ukraine, the country should be provided with the U.S. weapons. McCain called not giving the weapons a crime, saying that this is shame for the U.S. and its president not to aid with the weapons to people who fight for their lives.

McCain said that the U.S. should act decisively in the situation, for it is the leader, and that Europe will follow.

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