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 Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was the basis for occupation of the peninsula – Russian Admiral

In February 2014 Russian Black Sea Fleet provided covert delivery of Russian special forces to Crimea in order to block the Ukrainian troops there.

This was stated by former commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Kasatonov, Censor.NET reports citing Rosbalt.

"The fact that the Russian Black Sea Fleet was and still is (in Crimea - ed.) served as a basis for the events following Feb. 23 last year. We can say that the Black Sea Fleet has prepared a springboard, the officers knew what was going on around, where the Ukrainian installations are, the development scenarios were studied on the maps. That is, the Black Sea Fleet coped with its tasks - the "polite people" (or "green men" - Russian soldiers without identification - ed.) were delivered, and on the night of Feb. 27 the Supreme Council of Crimea was taken," Kasatonov said, adding that the "polite people" were played by the Army special forces.

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Talking about the details of the operation, the former commander of the Black Sea Fleet quoted Colonel General Volkov: "A brilliant concentration of means and special forces in Crimea was conducted with the use of concealment measures, unexpected by Ukrainians, as well as a wide range of measures for advance deception the enemy."

According to him, the ships came from Novorossiysk, and the troops were transported by air.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n328408