NATO PA Secretary General refutes statement of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and confirmes that official Kyiv impedes cooperation with Alliance

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During the meeting with deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, Secretary General of NATO Parliamentary Assembly David Hobbs confirmed the lack of communication between NATO and the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

This was stated by Ukrainian independent MP Boryslav Bereza on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"The meeting with Secretary General of NATO Parliamentary Assembly David Hobbs has ended. Answering my question as to whether there are problems in the interaction and communication between NATO and the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Mr. Hobbs said that what we heard yesterday is not only true but it is NATO leadership's call for our assistance in resolving the existing problems in this interaction. On my remark that the Ukrainian Defense Ministry refuted this information, David Hobbs laughed and said that he now understood the attacks of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry officials against him, since it doesn't feel good when the cat gets out of the bag," the MP quoted the NATO official.

"The answer was heard by other representatives of the Ukrainian delegation, namely Serhii Vysotskyi, Andrii Kozhemiakin, Andrii Teteruk, Yurii Bereza, Liliia Hrynevych, Ivana Klimpush-Tsyntsadze, Yulii Mamchur, Oleksii Sytnyk, Viktor Chumak and Volodymyr Parasiuk, [who are] MPs from different groups and factions," he added.

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He noted that he did not want the MoD's comment regarding the statement, but constructive work to remedy the situation.

"I'd really like the representatives of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry to stop lying, evading, and making excuses, but start working and correct the situation as told by NATO and confirmed by Ukraine's representatives in NATO. Though, I understand that it is easier to publish a press release than to change the way you work. The Ministry of Defense shall stop trying to justify its actions and start correcting mistakes. If they are not ready or not able to do it, it will be done by other people who will come instead ... Upon return we will organize a meeting of the delegation members and representatives of the MoD to address the problems we were told about. I will inform you on the results when it happens," Bereza concluded.

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