General Staff calls officers’ address criticizing the leadership a ‘provocation’

минобороны генштаб

The press Service of the General Staff of the armed forces of Ukraine states that the open letter by the personnel of certain military units that participated in the fighting on the Debaltseve bridgehead in January and February 2015 is regarded as a provocation aimed at destabilizing the situation in the armed forces of Ukraine.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing the press service of the General Staff.

The report notes:

"The authors of the letter deliberately manipulated the events by adding servicemen, including officers, who have nothing to do with this letter to the list of signatories.

"Indiscriminate, non-constructive criticism of the ATO HQ and sector C HQ, unjustified demands of total replacement of the entire key personnel team will not contribute to strengthening the combat capability and morale of the troops participating in the anti-terrorist operation in the Eastern Ukraine.

"The General Staff of the armed forces always adequately responds to constructive criticism and is willing to cooperate with authoritative and unbiased military experts and analysts. An objective and impartial investigation into the actions of some military commanders during the Debaltseve operation is underway. According to its results, the actions of each official will be given legal assessment."

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Further, the press service of the General Staff cited statements by some officers who were mentioned in the letter.

Commander of the 128th mountain infantry brigade, Hero of Ukraine, Colonel Serhii Shaptala: "I have read the statement was addressed to the president on the Internet, where negative views are expressed regarding the General Staff, and allegedly signed by me and the officers' meeting. I do not confirm it. The procedural regulations for officers' meeting were not observed. I think this is slandering of the General Staff."

Shaptala's statement can be viewed on Facebook. Audio recording is posted online as well.

Acting commander of the 40th separate mechanized infantry battalion, Major Pavlo Fedosenko: "There have been no officers' meetings in our battalion after exiting Debaltseve. We have not approved any protocols. I do not support such form of addressing current issues of cooperation with the leadership of the General Staff".

Full statement of Fedosenko and the 40th battalion can be read online.

Commander of the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion Colonel Klymchuk refuted an address to the Commander-in-Chief demanding the resignation of the command of the General Staff and other leadership in the ATO area: "A general meeting on this issue has not been held in the reconnaissance battalion."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n328267