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 Ukrainian soldiers received first awards for terrorists’ equipment destruction - Ministry of Defense

128th Brigade soldiers received the first award of 85,000 hryvnia (about $3,270).

The Ministry of Defense informed that the military received the first payments for destruction of the enemy combat equipment, Censor.NET reports.

"The first such bonus, namely 85,200 hryvnia, was received by the military from the 128th Brigade for two destroyed armored combat vehicles," the press service of the Ministry said.

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The Ministry of Defense issued award orders in the amount of nearly 1.5 million hryvnia as of March 11.

Mission success rewards will be paid to the servicemen of the combined detachments from the 30th and 128th Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the near future. 45 soldiers of the 55th Brigade will receive bonuses for direct participation in hostilities.

All in all, the ATO headquarters received documents for payment of awards in the amount of nearly 13 million hryvnia. The destruction of 210 units of enemy military equipment (including one captured and 29 destroyed tanks) was claimed as well as nearly a hundred of successful combat missions.

All the documents will be studied until the end of March and the ATO headquarters will issue orders for the relevant rewards payment after confirmation is received.

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It should be reminded that the Cabinet's decision on additional rewards was made back in late January, but it was decided to begin awarding in March, according to the results of February.

In particular, the reward for the destruction of the vehicle is 12,000 hryvnia ($460); tank destruction is awarded by 48,000 hryvnia ($1,850); 60,000 hryvnia ($2,300) reward is for the destroyed multiple rocket launcher; 121,000 hryvnia ($4,650) will be paid for combat aircraft. Each day of soldier's direct participation in hostilities will be rewarded with additional 1,000 hryvnia ($38).

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