U.S. to speed up transfer of non-lethal weapons to Ukrainian army. Only half of the promised aid has been sent so far

Announcement of more aid is expected on Wednesday.

The U.S. may announce granting Ukraine with more non-lethal military equipment, Censor.NET reports.

"The Obama administration has committed to sending Ukraine $118 million in non-lethal aid, like night-vision goggles and counter-mortar radar, but so far only about half has been delivered, officials told the panel," The New York Times wrote. "Brian P. McKeon, the principal deputy under secretary of defense, agreed that in some cases the aid has been "unacceptably slow" and said the administration was working to speed it up."

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"An announcement of more deliveries of that equipment may be made as early as Wednesday, and the administration also plans another $120 million of similar aid," the article reads.

The U.S. is still considering providing lethal weapons to Ukraine. The decision regarding the matter has not been made yet.

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