Second stage of fourth wave of mobilization underway – Defense Ministry

армия мобилизация военнослужащие

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine began the second stage of the fourth wave of mobilization.

This was stated by Deputy Head of Department of Information Technology of the Defense Ministry Serhii Halushko in an interview to Channel 5, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainian News.

Halushko said that these days, the training centers graduate the first stage of the fourth mobilization wave recruits, and they are being sent to places of deployment. "Simultaneously, we started the second stage of the fourth wave. It is much smaller in terms of total number of people - up to 20 thousand," Halushko said.

He added that this phase will be more specialized and will also include volunteers.

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On Jan. 15, the Verkhovna Rada approved the decree of President Poroshenko on "partial mobilization," which provides for three waves of mobilization in 2015 within 210 days from the date of decree's entry into force.

In February 2015, 22,000 of those subject to draft during the 4th wave of mobilization began training in centers of the armed forces.

The average age of the mobilized is 35-40.

Among those mobilized, 5,700 are volunteers.

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