Terrorists are preparing an offensive on three fronts - ATO speaker

The militants accumulate equipment at Novoazovsk, Artemivsk and Donetsk directions which promotes suggestions on the likelihood of the so-called offensive actions.

ATO speaker Andrii Lysenko announced the probability of the militants' offensive actions in certain areas, Censor.NET reports citing zn.ua.

"Taking in consideration the amount of equipment, weapons and manpower concentrated in certain areas, it is possible to draw conclusions about the probability of the so-called offensive actions. Subversive actions obviously should be expected in the areas with lower concentration of hostile forces," he said at a briefing in Kyiv Friday.

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The major Russian-terrorist forces are concentrated at Novoazovsk, Artemivsk, and Donetsk directions.

"But we keep conducting counter subversive actions as the enemy subversive reconnaissance groups are constantly trying to penetrate into our territory, but thanks to the efforts of our soldiers on the front line the intruders are detected and destroyed," the ATO speaker said.

According to him, the militants have partially restored Debaltseve railway junction.

"There was information that the terrorists received instructions to restore the railway tracks as soon as possible. Hardware was deployed there. We have information that the first train that brought ammunition to militants in Debaltseve has arrived the day before yesterday. It consisted of six cars," Lysenko said.

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He noted that when Ukrainian troops pulled back from Debaltseve, the railway tracks were extensively damaged. "Since there were instructions to leave the positions in Debaltseve and perform organized withdrawal from the Debaltseve front there were not a single undamaged rail at the Debaltseve junction at that time," Channel 112 reports citing Lysenko.

Lysenko also said at the briefing that the Ukrainian military are withdrawing Uragan multiple rocket launchers (MRLS) from the confrontation line as of Friday, March 6 implementing the next stage of the Minsk agreements.

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