'DPR' terrorists announced ethnic cleansing of Ukrainians in Horlivka

'DPR' terrorists announced ethnic cleansing of Ukrainians.

'DPR' terrorists in Horlivka, the Donetsk region, announced ethnic cleansing towards Ukrainians in the city. Harassment of Ukrainians was announced in a social media group 'Horlivka Local Defense.' This is one of the most popular city groups with 88,000 subscribers, Censor.NET reports citing Sirgis Inform.

The terrorists' message reads that they started to list all those who support Ukraine and Ukrainians and asked other citizens "to report neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers." The terrorists are open about this being ethnic cleansing: "This means that cleansing starts in Horlivka. Cleansing of 'ukrops' (pejorative for Ukrainians - ed.). We have no pity for traitors in our hearts. Either they leave on their own, or we arrange it for them," the message reads.

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