Nuland says there are ‘thousands and thousands’ of Russian soldiers in Ukraine


Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland says Russia has “thousands and thousands” of soldiers in eastern Ukraine and has sent in hundreds of pieces of military equipment including tanks, armored vehicles, and heavy artillery since December.

Nuland was testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where audience members applauded as lawmakers challenged Nuland to explain why the Obama administration hasn't provided Ukraine with more military support, Censor.NET reports citing Bloomberg.

"The Obama administration and our European allies have put hope in diplomatic and cease-fire arrangements, but it is not working," representative Ed Royce, the California Republican who leads the committee said.

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"We have already begun consultations with our European partners on further sanctions pressure should Russia continue fueling the fire in the east or other parts of Ukraine, fail to implement Minsk or grab more land as we've seen in Debaltseve," Nuland said.

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