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 Kharkiv mayor Kernes charged with murder threats, torture and false imprisonment

The Prosecutor General's Office has notified Mayor of Kharkiv Hennady Kernes on suspicion of committing several crimes.

It is reported by Censor.NET citing the press service of the PGO.

"The investigators of the Prosecutor General's Office March 2, 2015 informed Kharkiv Mayor Hennadii Kernes of suspicion of committing crimes under pt. 2, 3 Art. 27, pt.. 2, Art. 146 (unlawful imprisonment or kidnapping), pt. 2, 3, Art. 27, pt. 2, Art. 127 (torture), pt. 2, 3, art. 27, pt. 1, Art. 129 (threat to murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and informed him of the completion of the pre-trial investigation," the statement reads.

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"As of March 4, 2015 victims and Hennadii Kernes already acquainted themselves with the materials of the criminal proceedings. At present, the defense is becoming acquainted with the materials, after which the criminal proceedings the indictment will be sent to the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for the determination of jurisdiction," the message noted.

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