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 From the very beginnng, the command envisioned crisis in Debaltseve and informed Joint Staff of entrapment near Lohvynove - Butusov

армия дебальцево

The Joint Staff did not take enough action to cover the group's rear and unblock entrapped soldiers.

This was posted by Censor.NET editor in chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"Censor.NET gained access to the text of a decision by the parliamentary Committee on national security and defense regarding investigation of the Ukrainian army activities in the Debaltseve area between Jan. 15 and Jan. 19, 2015. The deputies heard evidence of the sector C ATO commander, Col. Taran and deputy ATO commander, Col. Fedichev.

"At the meeting, Col. Taran confirmed that the Ukrainian command have foreseen the possibility of the crisis in the Debaltseve area from the outset, and fully informed the Joint Staff about the entrapment in the area of Lohvynove. They reported every day (!). However, the Joint Staff did not take any sufficient measures to provide cover for the rear group and unblock the encircled troops. Both military explained in detail what documents are needed by the deputies to find the reasons for the losses of the Ukrainian army, as well as the reasons for the losses of equipment.

"The Committee formed a working group, requested documents from the Joint Staff, and will prepare a detailed resolution based on inspection of the following documents by March 5:

"-Reports by the ATO's sector C command about impossibility to possess the Debaltseve direction with available troops, equipment, and armament to chief commanders;

-the command's order to withdraw troops from the Debaltseve direction;

-composition and number of military units that provided defense at the Debaltseve direction;

-the state of engineering equipment at the front line of the Debaltseve direction;

-law enforcement agencies not having mopped up the city of Debaltseve;

-command's approval of documents on troops' withdrawal from the Debaltseve direction;

-analysis of the effectiveness of their implementation;

-the number of arms and military equipment lost during withdrawal of the Ukrainian military units from the Debaltseve direction;

-the availability of documents on the number of destroyed weapons and military equipment, including those provided by the United States;

-units and their numbers, which units were used during the offensive of Vuhlehirsk city;

-managing the operation on Lohvynove liberation;

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-provision of information to the president of Ukraine and the media about the liberation of Lohvynove;

-the number of personnel who have fled from fighting positions during the operation at the Debaltseve direction.

"The deputies also decided to find out the level of provision of the military units with secured communications during the ATO on the Debaltseve direction, and find out the level of engineer support at the front line.

"In general, it is obvious that Joint Staff Chief Muzhenko and his aid Viktor Nazarov, who brought Ukrainian army to ruin in the D sector and near Ilovaisk, will be defendants in a new criminal case. Even if the president continues to block the investigation, sooner or later these two rascals in braids will be prosecuted.

"We will be waiting to see if the deputies receive all the necessary information from the Joint Staff," Butusov wrote.

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