"Putin ordered Nemtsov's murder because of his report about Russian invasion into Ukraine" - Nemtsov's cousin

The cousin of the murdered Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov is sure that the crime was ordered by the president of the Russian Federation.

Igor Eidman, Boris Nemtsov's cousin and close friend, Russian sociologist and author of the book Putin's New National Idea said that Nemtsov was killed by the order of Putin, Censor.NET informs citing GORDON.

According to him, Putin had three reasons for the murder: personal, political, and pragmatic. "Firstly, Russian president had a very personal attitude to Boris Nemtsov," Eidman said.

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The second reason was political, Eidman thinks. Recently Boris was seriously engaged in the investigation of Russian aggression against Ukraine and Putin's role in the bloody events. Nemtsov gathered evidence of the war crimes of the Russian army in the Donbas, and was planning to publish a report entitled Putin and the War to set the record straight. The Russian president, who is in every way trying to hide the presence of his army in eastern Ukraine, knew about Nemtsov's plans and exterminated him immediately until the truth about the war is not spread to the masses. A similar statement was made by Ukraine's President Poroshenko.

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But most importantly, the pragmatic purpose of the murder was to intimidate Russian society, Eidman said. "Putin has sent the few adequate Russians a clear message: "If I can demonstratively shoot one of the world's famous opposition leaders in the center of Moscow, a few steps from the Kremlin, then I can do everything to you." This is terror against his own citizens who are trying to oppose the dictatorial regime," he said.

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