Accusing mother of seven Davydova, FSB confirmed that the Russian Army wages the war in Ukraine

The story of mother of seven (the youngest is a 2-months old infant) is scarier than the movie Leviathan.

Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov wrote on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Svetlana was thrown into FSB prison Lefortovo and accused of committing a high treason - article 275 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation. She is threatened by 12 to 20 years of imprisonment. Svetlana's "crime" is that she called the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow and told them that the military unit from Vyazma was sent to fight in Donbas," Nemtsov wrote.

According to him, if one reads the article 275 carefully, the high treason is transferring secret data to a foreign state.

"By accusing Davydova, FSB has confirmed that the Russian Army wages a war in Ukraine. This is just an extra evidence to a well-known fact," Nemtsov said.

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In addition he reports that the regime advocates ask themselves what Ukrainian authorities would do if, for example, a resident of Lviv called the Russian Embassy in Kyiv and reported about Ukrainian soldiers being sent to war?

"I believe such person would not be accused of high treason, that's for sure. Because everybody knows that Ukrainian Army is fighting against separatists and Russian Army and this is not a secret. Absurdity and cruelty of what is happening is hard to believe. Svetlana Davydova is yet another political prisoner prosecuted for her anti-war stance. We will help Svetlana and her family to fight for her release," summarizes Nemtsov.

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