Terrorists claim that Ukrainian Armed Forces’ artillery destroyed 26 Russian mercenaries from ‘Batman’ detachment


According to preliminary information, the militants were destroyed by a direct hit to the dugout.

Terrorists-supporting Russian blogger colonelcassad writes, Censor.NET reports.

'Batman Group' reports:

"There will be some news soon, a very bad one I must admit... We are currently checking the information. It's about the guys at the positions.

"Uragan MLRSes shelled the city all night long. Ratibor has 26 his men killed on positions through a direct hit in a dugout (The information is not yet official - it should be specified)," colonelcassad writes citing the terrorists.

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It should be reminded that one of the Luhansk terrorists' leaders, 'chief of staff' of the 'LPR' Fourth Brigade Aleksandr Bednov (nicknamed Batman) was eliminated in early January on the terrorists-controlled territory. Apparently, the elimination was conducted by his rivals in the 'LPR'. Luhansk militants' leader Plotnitsky is named among the persons who could have ordered the hit.

In addition, former Russian Special Forces operative and a Russian terrorist, 31-year-old Maksim Videtskih from Yekaterinburg told not long before Bednov's murder that he profited from ransoms for liberation of the Ukrainian prisoners.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n322171