Terrorists in Donetsk captured 'group of people shelling the city': all detained are Russian citizens


A week ago, Donetsk was shocked by violent mortar shelling of the bus stop in the Bosse district.

This was reminded by the MP Anton Herashchenko on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

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"13 civilians were killed. The same day I posted an investigation in which I documented that this district, which is remote from the airport, could not be shelled by the Ukrainian soldiers.

"I also suggested that this might be a symmetrical response by the Russian special forces to the shelling of the bus in Volnovakha, which was the first tragedy after the Boeing downing that triggered such hard-line response of the world community.

"If one could blow up houses in Moscow to reach one's political goals, so why wouldn't he send GRU bombers to shell residential areas of Donetsk from a bus with an 82-mm mortar inside? And then pass it off as being done by the Ukrainian party.

But the longest day has an end," Herashchenko wrote.

"Yesterday, the 'DPR' detained three persons who are suspected in this terrorist act against the Donetsk residents.

"Attention! All three are citizens of Russia!

"They announced: "A sabotage-reconnaissance group of the enemy was detained in Donetsk: three persons were shelling the city with a mortar, moving by car. All three are Russian citizens: two from Krasnodar, and one from Krasnodar Kray," the message reads.

"This information was checked by our intelligence, they confirmed it.

"Yes, indeed, three Russian citizens committed a terrorist act in Donetsk.

"Now the 'DPR' themselves have to find out who and why sent the guys to Donetsk to kill 13 innocent people and blame it on the Ukrainian army.

"But only if investigators and torturers of the 'DPR' will be fast enough to do so before a team of Moscow curators - to let the detained go, who are very likely to be GRU diversionists aimed at stirring hatred against Ukraine at the cost of organizing killing of civilians of Donetsk," Herashchenko wrote.

He expressed hope that some of the 'DPR' investigators with increased sense of justice will have a chance to post a video with interrogation of the three online.

Information on detention of the Russian citizens has been confirmed by both Russian and terrorist websites.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n322153