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 Delegations from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cyprus, and Serbia were against stripping Russia of voting rights in PACE

Ukrainian delegation has supported in full the decision to strip Russia of voting rights in PACE, even Opposition bloc representative Yulia Liovochkina who refrained from criticizing Russia earlier during the debate, voted in its favor.

Europeiska Pravda informs citing voting results published on the PACE website, Censor.NET reports.

The voting results have clearly expressed national distribution. The delegations of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cyprus, and Serbia have unanimously voted against the decision, as well as most of the Austrians, Swiss, Dutch, Croatian and Turkish.

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The Russians could not vote according to the PACE rules because the resolution concerned their country. The amendment on stripping Russia of voting rights was supported by 148 deputies, 64 were against. There are 160 votes in favor of the resolution as a whole and 42 are against.

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