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 PACE Monitoring Committee adopted a number of amendments in favor of Ukraine and decided to extend sanctions against Russia

Tough discussion at the PACE Monitoring Committee meeting on the resolution on Ukraine ended in our favor - the committee adopted a number of relevant amendments, in particular, it decided to extend sanctions against Russia.

This is stated by Poroshenko Bloc MP, member of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE, Iryna Herashchenko on her Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Our representatives - first of all, Sobolev - and representatives of the EPP group managed to push through the amendments to the resolution which demand immediate, within 24 hours, release of Nadiia Savchenko and her transfer to Ukraine, or a third party.

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"Another key condition is the release by terrorists and Russia of all prisoners, hostages, and illegally imprisoned or detained persons. Also [there is a condition] to immediately reinstate Ukrainian control over all of its borders, where the terrorists currently reign together with the Russians.

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"We also managed to push through the reinstatement of the item on immediate freeing of Ukrainian Crimea from the occupation and the return of its Ukrainian status. PACE also demands full implementation of the Minsk protocol by Russia and withdrawal of the Russian troops from the Ukrainian territory and punishing the mercenaries who are Russian citizens.

"As for the Russian delegation, the sanctions against it have been extended until April or June the delegation of the aggressor will be deprived of all rights. This will be decided in the session hall. The delegation led by Ariev is working as a team and it is working hard. We are preparing for the debate and vote," Herashchenko wrote.

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