Head of Russian delegation to PACE Pushkov considers terrorists to be ‘peaceful people’: "We have not heard about any terrorist attack in Ukraine!"

Head of the Russian Parliament delegation to PACE, head of the foreign affairs committee of the State Duma Aleksey Pushkov says that there was not a single act of terrorism in Ukraine during the conflict in the Donbas and calls terrorists ‘peaceful people’.

He said during a debate on Ukraine at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe meeting, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

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"You should not trust it just because you hear about it from official Ukraine and some media ... We are told that there are terrorists (in the Donbas). If they were terrorists, we would have heard about the terrorist attacks. And there were any - we have not heard about any terrorist attack in Ukraine!" he said.

It is known that only in the last few days terrorist attacks have been committed against the bus near Volnovakha, transport interchange in Donetsk, and residential neighborhoods in Mariupol. Each of them has led to massive civilian casualties. Ukraine has qualified these actions as acts of terrorism.

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Aleksey Pushkov meanwhile argues that the cause of the events in the east of Ukraine is "response of Kyiv to the people's desire to implement federalization".

"The Government of Ukraine is sending more and more troops to the Donbas to suppress those who want more authority and cultural autonomy."

He also repeatedly stated that he considers the supporters of the Donbas autonomy to be 'peaceful people' making 'peaceful demands'.

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