Terrorists hold captive more than 30 Ukrainian soldiers from Donetsk airport and Krasnyi Partyzan - Ruban


About 30 Ukrainian soldiers were taken captive by the terrorists last week.

Center for exchange of prisoners head Volodymyr Ruban said on the air of Podobytsi TV program, Censor.NET informs citing Ukrainska Pravda.

According to him, 20 of them were captured near the Donetsk airport, 11 more soldiers from 20th Battalion were taken prisoner near Krasnyi Partyzan village.

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However, Ruban has not voiced the total number of Ukrainian soldiers who are held prisoners: "There are a lot of them and the number is constantly changing."

Ruban also expressed confidence that "every prisoner will be exchanged, but according to the list, which the Donetsk party will submit," but "this exchange will not be 'all for all'," and the militants are not going to exchange but return the bodies of our dead soldiers - we have such an agreement.

General Ruban specified that the militants-captive soldiers "are treated as prisoners of war."

"They have a clear status of prisoners of war, they are not beaten, they are not handled with violence, they are provided with medical assistance," he noted.

As you know, the terrorists blew up part of the ceiling of the Donetsk airport terminal's second floor Jan. 19, where the Ukrainian soldiers held their positions.

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"Part of the ceiling of the second floor of the new terminal collapsed being blown up by the separatists. The debris fell and covered the soldiers. There were many wounded," Biriukov reported.

It became known Jan. 24 that the terrorists have seized Krasnyi Partyzan village. The ATO headquarters stressed that this village was on neutral territory and there were no Ukrainian military there for a long time.

However, journalist Oleksii Bratushchak announced that the ATO headquarters' statement was untrue and the Ukrainian troops have actually lost their positions in Krasnyi Partyzan. "This checkpoint was important for us. It blocked the direct route from Donetsk to Horlivka," the journalist said.

According to him, four Ukrainian soldiers were killed in armed clashes for the checkpoint in the village of Krasnyi Partyzan.

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