Conscripts of the 138th brigade, Saint Petersburg, Russia, forced to sign contracts and sent to war in Ukraine – media

Russian authorities send freshly drafted conscripts from Saint Petersburg to fight in Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Novyi Rehion, the 138th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade, one of the units of the Russian Army stationed in the Western Military District, will be sent to fight in Ukraine in the upcoming days.

There was no necessity to make this information public, for this brigade was already kicked by Ukrainian patriots last summer, and the very fact of weapons and armed personnel supplies to the sovereign country is not a secret for competent observers any more.

But this time, the situation differs due to special cynicism and inhumanity of the Russian authorities. About 70% of soldiers prepared for the aggression are not professional servicemen, but draftees, mostly from Saint-Petersburg.

As Alexander Peredruk, the secretary of "Soldiers' mothers from St. Petersburg" Committee, told the medium 'Grani', there were appeals to the committee which prove that the draftees are in fact forced to sign contracts for further being sent to Ukraine. "As parents told us, approximately 70-80 people [soldiers - ed.] were gathered in a hall, where they were offended, and were allowed to leave only on condition of signing the contract," he said.

In general, there have been five similar appeals from draftees' parents within the last two months: the first one in December, others on Jan. 8-11. In addition, the information of this kind was received from anonymous calls to the organization's hotline.

"According to parents' estimations, about 80 draftees signed the contracts, but these figures are approximate and unchecked," Peredruk said. He also added that the organization sent all inquiries to military prosecutor's office.

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