NSDC Secretary Turchynov: The enemy is preparing intensive offensives. PHOTO+VIDEO

The situation around the Donetsk airport being the most tense.

"The new terminal has been almost destroyed, but our Army fortified positions near the Pisky village (in the vicinity of the airport - ed.) and stroke the enemy several times," the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov announced summarizing his visit to the conflict zone, the NSDC press service told Censor.NET.


According to him, communication lines and traffic tie-ups, which allowed to quickly supply the airport with armored vehicles, were destroyed.

"Besides, the situation has been stabilized in the south, where there was an attempt to breach defenses at the 31st and 29th checkpoints the day before," Turchynov added.


He also said that constant increase in men and equipment of the enemy along the contact line, "including drawing staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces to the front line, makes us think that the enemy will conduct intense offensive operations in the nearest future."

Commenting the incident that happened during his being in the conflict zone near the Donetsk airport (Turchynov's vehicle was shelled while moving along Tonenke, Vodiane, Opytne - ed.) he said that this sector is being constantly shelled, "so it is impossible not to get under fire when being there."

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"But in the Donetsk airport and its vicinity, our soldiers are showing real valor by protecting Ukraine every day under massed intense fire. The 'Cyborgs' are especially praised," Turchynov said, "for they voluntarily went to protect the country, even at their lives' price, at the most dangerous spot of this war conducted against us."

"Speaking of yesterday's events, I would like to admit the courage of Border Guards Lieutenant Colonel Ihor Ivashchenko and the driver of Cougar, senior warrant officer Oleksandr Dehtiarenko, whose APC was out transport in the active hostilities' area," the National Security and Defense Council Secretary said.

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Oleksandr Turchynov said that the border guards did not leave the vehicle and managed to replace APC's tire damaged by shrapnel under constant shelling, "in the dark, without lighting, so that not to disclose our location to the enemy, which was only a few hundred meters away."

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Oleksandr Turchynov noted that the main issue for the military command today is "not only strengthening of our defense but also implementation of measures that should force the enemy to stop the bloody provocations."

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