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 Corrupt government, oligarchs and actions of the Russian Federation: the Ukrainians named main threats to country's unity

Ukrainians believe that the main factors that can disunite the Ukrainian people are corrupt government (29% ), the actions of the oligarchs (29%) and Russia's actions aimed at the separation of Ukraine (25%).

Censor.NET reports citing ZN.UA.

Almost the same number of respondents mentions in this regard the information manipulation through the media (24%), the disunity of Ukrainians through political agitation (20%).

These are the results of survey conducted by Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation in December together with Ukrainian Sociology Service.

The Ukrainians are least of all concerned in this regard by "Euromaidan" protests (6%), the actions of the West (9%), the growth of radicalism and nationalism in Ukraine (9%), harassment for language (10%).

9% of respondents believe that "there is no disunity in Ukraine and this view is tried to be forced upon" and only 2% believe that "Ukraine has never been united and it is impossible to unite them."

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The sociologists note the existing regional differences in the understanding of the factors that may separate Ukraine. Only 7% of respondents in the Donbas, in contrast to all other regions, recognize the role of Russia in the separation of Ukrainians. They consider "the growth of radicalism and nationalism" to be the main threat in Ukraine instead (30%). Sloboda Ukraine residents (15%) also put blame on Russia less than in other regions.

"The Donbas also appeared to be the only region where a fairly large portion of respondents (23%) blames the actions of Western countries for the separation of regions. The people in several regions (Black Sea Regions - 25%, Podillia - 21% Donbas - 20%) name the desire for European integration proper for a certain part of Ukrainians among the main factors of the Nation's disunity," the sociologists' statement reads.

An earlier survey conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) showed that 26.3% of Ukrainians believe all property that belongs to the oligarchs must be nationalized.

The survey was commissioned by the International Centre for Policy Studies and conducted by Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation together with Ukrainian Sociology Service from Dec. 25, 2014 to Jan. 15 2015 in 11 regions of Ukraine. 4413 respondents were surveyed totally (400 respondents in each region of Ukraine, 401 - in Zakarpattia and Bukovyna, 402 - in the center of Ukraine, 410 - in Polissia). The sampling error does not exceed 1.8 per cent.

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