Putin sends new draftees from 138th motorized infantry brigade to fight in Ukraine, – blogger

According to Russian activist and member of Facebook group “We Are Together” Albert Liberman, the 138th Motorized Infantry Brigade from Western Command has been sent to Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET, this information came from blogger and investigator of InformNapalm Iraklii Komakhidze.

"Our source points out that about 70% of the brigade is brand new draftees, and there has to be a way to "hint" at their assignment to their moms in St. Petersburg" (see the original here)," the blogger wrote.

"Units of MIB 138, as a part of the Rostov Group of the invasion force, were seen as early as the fall of 2014; in particular, an artillery unit of the above mentioned group has been identified.

Later, motorized shooters and scouts from the same brigade were seen in Rostov Oblast. At the end of December 2014, a joint unit of the 138th Brigade that had allegedly been on "Rostov Mission" performed partial rotation of its staff and equipment. Based on that, I suggest that moms from St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia take Liberman's words to heart and take measures to bring their children back from the "Rostov Mission", otherwise they may end up "lost" in Donbas, like many others, and not in good condition," Komakhidze wrote.

Novyi Region publication confirms information about MIB 138 being sent to Ukraine. "Since that brigade already had the hell beat out of them by Ukrainian patriots last summer; and the fact of sending armed occupants (and weapons) to the sovereign country is no longer a secret for competent observers, this information did not have to be made public. However, this situation sharply underscores extreme cynicism and inhumanity of the Russian government. About 70% of the troops trained for the aggression are not professional mercenaries, but regular draftees. They are mostly from St. Petersburg. We want to point out that the appropriate services in Ukraine already know the occupants' location and the planned route. All Russian passport holders involved have two days to think about it. After that, if the above mentioned servicemen cross our border, their path will not be covered with rose petals, so to say."

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