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 Dmytro Yarosh was wounded near Donetsk airport - helmet saved him


Leader of the Right sector Dmytro Yarosh was lightly wounded by shrapnel in the area of anti-terrorist operation in the Donbas.

Volunteer Roman Donik wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"In order to prevent a new wave of fake reports, obituaries and panic: "Provіdnyk "aka Yastrub aka Verkhovna Rada Deputy Dmytro Yarosh was lightly wounded. It was shrapnel from MLRS missile. "There is no bone injury - soft tissue is affected. He doesn't need to be taken to a hospital. Dmytro had his wounds debrided with green disinfectant, and went on fighting," Donik wrote.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov reported details of Yarosh injury on his Facebook page: "Verkhovna Rada Deputy Dmytro Yarosh wounded in the battle at the airport. He was evacuated from the battlefield. The wound turned out to be light - he was covered by a close explosion of a rocket.

The doctor examined him and determined a preliminary diagnosis: the comminuted open fracture of the lower third of the arm (down to the elbow). His arm is seriously wounded. He also received light wound to the head being saved by the helmet," Butusov wrote.

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