Eight Ukrainian soldiers captured by terrorists in Donetsk airport


Eight Ukrainian servicemen of the anti-terrorist operation have been captured.

This is stated by Adviser to the President of Ukraine, Assistant Secretary of Defense Yurii Biriukov on his page on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"This morning, several dozen of the Airborne fighters went to help the Donetsk airport. Thick fog, visibility about 20-30 meters. It is difficult to explain to civilians who have not been at the front line, but this fog is deadly to the mind and to the people. Especially when you try a stealth approach, when you know that you could be killed at any moment. The nerves get shot to hell quickly.

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But the situation in the DAP (Donetsk airport - ed.) is even worse - you have to move on flat concrete flab, without a guiding point. And they missed, they missed by 800 meters, went a little to the left. And got straight to the concentration of militants. There was a battle. There were casualties. Eight people were taken prisoners. Perhaps it has not been officially voiced, but hardly anyone will deny it now - there are names, there are documents.

On the one hand, this is a war, god damn it. And you could just breathe out, just get upset. And continue to help, continue to quietly do your job," Biriukov wrote.

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