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 Volunteer battalions participating in the ATO will do military service under contracts with National Guard and Armed Forces of Ukraine

Volunteer battalions participating in the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbas have fulfilled their mission and are currently turned into regimental troops of the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Donbas special designation battalion anti-tank platoon commander Senior Lieutenant Volodymyr Babenko (call sign - Fagot) announced, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"The volunteer battalions have fulfilled their task at the first stage. I presume that we have raised patriotism in the country. Unfortunately, not all battalion commanders were responsible. The current situation forces us to invite all men who think they know how to fight (if they do not we will teach them) to join the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine detachments," Volodymyr Babenko said at a press conference on Monday.

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He explained that the Donbas volunteer battalion soldiers sign contracts after a medical examination and will do military service in the National Guard of Ukraine. The servicemen from other volunteer battalions go through the same procedure.

Senior Lieutenant Babenko explained that the situation has currently changed for well trained military detachments are now fighting on the separatists' side.

"The real army is currently fighting against us. They also were consisting of volunteer battalions first. Now these battalions are combined, trained, and commanded by the Russian officers. There is a Russian military adviser in each detachment. They have discipline, weapons, supplied by the Russian Federation, and they are intensively preparing to 'liberate Novorossia'," he stressed.

In his opinion, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will no longer be directly involved in the conflict.

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"The armed forces of the Russian Federation is not going to directly participate in the offensive because there is not enough heavy artillery for this purpose or aviation is required. But the entire world would say that this is the aggression as soon as warplanes will be used. They will act differently: they will train these volunteer detachments, equip them, put advisers, and the Russian army will act as the retreat-blocking detachments standing behind. They are already there - more than seven thousand servicemen. And these detachments will be ordered to force the corridor to Crimea. So we need to be prepared for it," Volodymyr Babenko said.

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