88 rockets were launched from Grads to the checkpoint near Volnovakha: shelling was conducted under the number one DPR terrorist’s direct order - Nalyvaichenko


Head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko announced that there was a direct instruction of the “DPR authorities” to use Grads against the passenger bus at the checkpoint near Volnovakha city in the Donetsk region on Jan. 13.

He said this at a briefing in Kyiv, Censor.NET reports citing OstroV.

According to Nalyvaichenko, it was the DPR terrorist organization representatives who carried out the terrorist attack near Volnovakha being aware of the buses with civilians. The purpose of the terrorist attack, he said, was to intimidate the civilian population. Nalyvaichenko noted that the shelling of the checkpoint was conducted "deliberately, intentionally, and criminally" using three Grad rocket launchers simultaneously, which launched 88 high explosive fragmentation warhead missiles.

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"The multiple launch rocket systems were used by the direct order of the number one DPR terrorist, the so-called chairman of the Donbas People's Republic," he said.

Nalyvaichenko noted that "a direct order to commit a terrorist attack was given by the phone".

"He (head of the so-called DPR Alexander Zakharchenko - Ed.) will be detained by the Ukrainian law enforcers and will not avoid the responsibility," Nalyvaichenko promised.

Prosecutor General Vitalii Yarema said, in his turn: "Zakharchenko will be persecuted throughout the entire world for the lifetime." At the same time, he added that Zakharchenko is currently not in the international wanted list.

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Yarema said that the expert evaluation established that the checkpoint in the city of Volnovakha was hit by 88 rockets launched from Grads. The shelling was conducted from a distance of not less than 19 kilometers and no less than three Grad launchers were used. The attack was carried out from the north-eastern part of the city of Dokuchaivsk, controlled by the DPR terrorist organization.

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