Russian soldier Pavel Bulanov, who was killed near Donetsk airport, had been dismissed from Yekaterinburg police for bribe and had to be tried. PHOTOS

Russian soldiers Pavel Bulanov, who was killed during the attack at the Donetsk airport, turned out to be 28-year-old resident of Yekaterinburg. This information was confirmed by his mother, Tamara Yegorovna. She refused to give any further comments.

This is reported by Censor.NET with reference to e1.ru. Prior to this, a soldier of OUN volunteer battalion Volodymyr Stefanyshyn told ICTV channel that the killed rebel was a Russian soldier, a Yekaterinburg police officer: "They identified our group and opened fire. We offered them to surrender, they wouldn't," Stefanyshyn said. "One of them was seriously injured; he was taken to hospital but died on the way. His body is currently in the morgue in Krasnoarmiisk. He had a service weapon, military ID, passport of Russian Federation, as well as an individual medal with him. Now we know that he was a serviceman from Yekaterinburg, Bulanov P.A.," the story said citing words of the volunteer.

The TV channel published a photo of Bulanov. A man with gunshot wounds dressed in sweater with the logo of patrol police of Department of Internal Affairs of Yekaterinburg and the city emblem. Stefanyshyn also showed a nominal military medal, the name and initials of the soldier, Bulanov P. A., engraved on it. According to the Ukrainian soldier, the last thing that Bulanov said was "I want to go home." As it turned out, his mother and girlfriend were waiting for him to come home to Yekaterinburg.

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Yekaterinburg policemen explained to the reporters they had indeed been being equipped with sweaters with similar logos for several years. According to friends of the deceased, Pavel worked in Yekaterinburg police for seven years, but was fired after he took a bribe in May 2014. Therefore, information about a deceased employee has not officially confirmed by the police: "There is no person with such name in the existing police roaster," the spokesperson of the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Valery Gorelykh said. "Pavel Bulanov worked in patrol police for seven years. In the spring his partner and him were caught on a bribe and were fired in May," his colleague, active police officer who preferred not to be named, said.

Officially, the news about the dismissal of two sergeants came out in July: "Two sergeants, aged 28 and 29, are suspected of bribery from a 28-year-old private enterprise employee," the press center of Sverdlovsk oblast home office stated. "20,000 rubles was meant to be the reward for not detaining two unemployed 25-year-old suspects of drug possession. One of the suspects was a relative of the briber. After the money transfer took place, the two policemen were detained by Investigative operational security division officers."

One of the two sergeants was Pavel, his former colleague claims. "He was supposed to be tried these days."

- Have you talked to his relatives?

- Just his girlfriend. She said she had called the number he uses while in the Donbas. Ukrainian soldiers answered the phone, claiming he'd been captured.

Close relatives of the deceased refused to comment. Elena, another Pavel's co-worker, claims that his relatives are cautious of any commentary in the press and are trying to get his body in any way possible.

- Pavel was my partner, - Elena says. - We served in patrol service for seven years, in the 8th company. He'd been serving since 2007 and was Senior Sergeant. He left in late May.

- According to the information, he has been sacked because of a bribe.

- To be honest, it's true. After that, his whole life went wrong: seven years of police service, 6th year at the Ministry of Internal Affairs University, and now everything was ruined. He was devastated, crashed for three months. Then, he was reached by representatives of the so-called "DPR" (Donetsk People's Republic) via VKontakte social network. They offered him to come saying it was all voluntarily. He had problems with getting a job at that time. So, having warned everyone, he left. The trial on bribe was meant to have taken place a couple of days ago, but was postponed because Pavel had left for Donbas last Wednesday, Oct. 22. He only spent 10 days there, not more. It was not new to him though to serve in a flash point: in 2008 he served in Chechnya for six months.

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Bulanov's photo from his VK page (now deleted). He's standing next to a car with "DPR police" inscription, posted Oct. 23. The caption reads: "I'm in police again (but in a different state)."

- You said he also studied in Ministry of Internal Affairs University…
- Yes, sixth year. He was really bright, going for certificate with distinction. But once fired from police, he was automatically expelled.
- What did he do for a living after the dismissal?
- Drove KamAZ all summer long. Sometimes someone would need him to take out litter from a garden, or transport soil…
- Did he have a family, kids maybe?
- No kids. His girlfriend is also our co-worker, has worked here since 2008.
- Have you spoken to her after the news about his death?
- Yes, she is now with his mother. Doesn't know anything for sure. I tell her: we have to do something if we want to return his body here. The only thing we know is that it's not the separatists who have his body, it's the Ukrainians. Basically, held in captivity. So we either have to make some kind of exchange, or repurchase him. The situation is worsened because the Ukrainians are convinced that he's a Russian policeman, which confirms the fact that Russian soldiers are taking part in the fighting. But he hasn't worked in police for several months now. Essentially, he went there to earn money.




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