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 Terrorists restored massive attacks at the Donetsk airport, Ukrainian soldiers wounded


The terrorists restored massive attacks at the Donetsk airport Friday morning.

This was announced by Yurii Biriukov, volunteer and presidential adviser, on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Yesterday by midnight, the situation was stable. Evening reinforcement helped to regain the status quo. But in the morning, a consistent attack began. There are wounded among the Ukrainian soldiers (no information about dead yet). The attack is VERY massive - there is evidence that attackers are high on methadone. We will now have this situation blasted on Facebook, and other things. And yes, we need this now. And yes, I participate in it," he wrote.

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"The situation is very hot, the tension and the situation there are the worst since I've known, since the end of September," Biriukov wrote.

According to him, talks are being currently held in the Joint Staff and ATO staff headquarters.

"On one hand, there is a strict decision to hold the airport. On the other, they must decide for something that was decided on two months ago," he said.

Biriukov also added that those irresponsible or inactive among the military officials will have to bear responsibility for that.

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