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 New terminal of the Donetsk airport under Ukrainian Army control: our troops are not going to retreat - Butusov


According to Censor.NET, the Ukrainian detachments launched a counterattack on the second floor of the terminal three hours ago to force the assault team of the Russian Sparta brigade out. The enemy in a fierce close range combat was cleared out from most of the premises on the second floor which has a key tactical importance for holding of the building.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on his page on Facebook.

According to him, additional detachment of Ukrainian paratroopers arrived at the airport today in the afternoon because of the deteriorated situation and the enemy's break through to the second floor of the new terminal.

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"The fierce close range engagement against a large force of the hostile infantry continued all day long and is still under way. The soldiers came almost to melee combat several times attacking the enemy from the distance of 3-5 meters. This is a real Stalingrad in the 21st century.

We control the terminal. The enemy raised flags of the "DPR" on the edge of the building and keeps its position in the basement of the new terminal on the third floor. The raising of the flags is the only enemy's achievement during the day.

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"Another 156th "seizure of the airport by 'Motorola'" ended the same way as all previous assaults. The Russian troops suffered heavy losses. The new terminal is under our control - our troops are not going to retreat from the terminal.

"The Russian troops are conducting artillery shelling on all fronts at the airport trying to suppress the Ukrainian artillery, disrupt delivery of manpower and supplies to reinforce the defenders of the airport. All Ukrainian villages on the contact line are heavily shelled," Butusov wrote.

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