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 One soldier killed and six wounded in the battle for Donetsk airport - volunteer Oleksii Mochanov

There is a battle currently taking place in the Donetsk airport. One of our soldiers was killed and six more were wounded, two of them are in poor condition.

Volunteer Oleksii Mochanov announced on his page on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Our troops are breaking through to the terminal to pick up the injured and killed using small arms and artillery. The doctors are awaiting ready for immediate evacuation both by ground and air ambulance. Our soldiers will take them out. They'll be saved, I am sure. I have any doubts," Mochanov notes.

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At the same time he urged not to surrender to panic because of the deterioration of the situation at the airport.

"I have not specified the separatists' losses - no one knows the exact number now and won't tell it anyway. It is important to know for those who are tracking the situation: there is a regular fierce combat engagement, similar to many others that took place before and, unfortunately, will occur in future. There is no reason for panic and hysteria. It is war. It is exactly the war and not some anti-terrorist operation. Please show me this truce ore cease-fire during this so-called anti-terrorist operation???? "- he writes.

Mochanov was also fiercely critical of the decision to cease-fire in the ATO area.

"Is it just me or the cease-fire during the anti-terrorist operation is actually nonsense?? It's ridiculous!! I, by the way (or rather intentionally) am acquainted with several such clowns. I know them personally. Yep, and the entire country knows them - the people from both sides of the ATO do. But somehow they are tolerant. Or they are waiting until someone else runs out of patience. Keep your fingers crossed for our fellow-servicemen. Believe in them. And do not panic, I'm bagging you. They will cope, endure, and go through anything without hesitations. They are our elite. It all depends on us, on everybody.

We live hard, but with a good spirit. Everything will be fine! And there will be peace," the activist summed up.

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