Resistance, cyber attacks, and cold mind: Lithuania tells its citizens what to do in case of the war with Russia

Lithuania has prepared a manual to advise its citizens on how to survive a war on its soil.

Censor.NET reports citing Reuters via The New York Times.

"The examples of Georgia and Ukraine, which both lost a part of their territory, show us that we cannot rule out a similar kind of situation here, and that we should be ready," Defence Minister Juozas Olekas told Reuters about the manual.

The manual, which the Defence Ministry will send to libraries next week and also distribute at army events, says Lithuanians should resist foreign occupation with demonstrations and strikes, "or at least doing your job worse than usual".

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In the event of invasion, the manual says Lithuanians should organize themselves through Twitter and Facebook and attempt cyber attacks against the enemy.

"Keep a sound mind, don't panic and don't lose clear thinking," the manual reads. "Gunshots just outside your window are not the end of the world."

Lithuania is increasingly worried about Russia, not least because of a military drill in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad last month that featured 9,000 soldiers and more than 55 naval vessels.

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