Leaders of all European Parliament groups express support for Ukraine

The majority of the European Parliament is united in its position on the full support of Ukraine. This follows from the discussion of the situation in Ukraine, which took place during a session in Strasbourg on Wednesday. Thus, it can be expected that the European Parliament will support the resolution on the situation in Ukraine, which will be voted on Thursday.

All leaders of political groups in the EP expressed their support for Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

In particular, one of the leaders of European People's Party Jacek Saryusz-Wolski criticized EU's efforts, calling the Union "a dwarf, not a superpower." "The EU is doing a lot, but not enough, we often do too little, too late. We hide behind the OSCE, the Red Cross and some member states. We do not call things by their names: a war is a war, terror is terror," he said.

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The representative of the Socialist Party Knut Fleckenstein noted that the humanitarian situation is of great concern and called for an increase in humanitarian aid.

"Russian soldiers and mercenaries should leave now, not sometime in the future, and we call on everyone to immediately implement the Minsk agreement," he said. The socialist also spoke on the domestic issues of Ukraine, stressing the importance of reform and fighting corruption. "Then people will see the difference," the politician said.

Ryszard Legutko, who represents conservatives, also expressed support for Ukraine and the resolution on the situation in Ukraine and stressed the need to help Kyiv.

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The representative of the liberals Johannes Van Baalen posed the question: "Is Russia indeed trying to show good faith, monitor its borders and prevent illegal formations, etc. in eastern Ukraine? No, it has not happened. Were there any positive signals from Putin regarding Crimea? None. " In this regard, he stated that "sanctions shall do their job and they are doing it." "I hope that they will hit Putin enough for him to feel it and sit down to the negotiation table and for it to bring results. And the result should be - recognition that Ukraine is an independent nation with internationally recognized borders. Only then will we go on," Van Baalen said.

Similar positions were expressed by the Green party and Europe United and Direct Democracy parties.

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Previous resolution on Ukraine was adopted by the European Parliament Sept. 18. The document called for a revision of the strategy regarding Russia and tightening the sanctions, as well as stated that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU is not the ultimate goal of relations with Kyiv.

Earlier, Censor.NET reported that the European Parliament intends to tighten sanctions against Russia because of the undeclared war against Ukraine.

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