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 Interior Ministry published names of people killed and injured near Volnovakha. LIST

обстрел волноваха

The Interior Ministry published a list of 12 Ukrainians killed by the terrorists’ shelling of the bus near Volnovakha in the Donetsk region.

The Interior Ministry Main Directorate in Donetsk region website published the relevant list, Censor.NET reports.

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There is one unidentified man mentioned in the list of 12 deceased people. The victims were residents of the Donetsk region.

The police have also released the list of injured. There are 16 civilians among them, as well as special designation battalion soldier and State Border Guard Service officer.


1. Shudykina Olha, born on 12.20.1956, resident of Donetsk.

2. Kornilova Inna born on 18.11.1984, resident of Donetsk.

3. Starchak Larysa, resident of Donetsk.

4. Kolomyiets Roman, born on 03.16.1988, resident of Kalinin village in Volnovakha district.

5. Morhasiuk Tetiana, born 08.19.1960, resident of Donetsk.

6. Polyakov Vladyslav 07.28.1986 resident of Donetsk.

7. Morhasiuk Alexander, born 10.15.1957, resident of Donetsk

8. Hrinnik Maria, born 01.12.1965 the city of residence and registration is not established.

9. The body of an unknown man.

10. Dukov Dmytro, born on 02.09.1976,.

11. Lahutkina Anastasia, born on 06.13. 1990 resident of Donetsk (she died in the hospital).

12. Karpov Anatolii, born on 03.31. 1954, resident of Shakhtarsk (died in the hospital).

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The victims, who were wounded:

1.Mykytenko Tetiana, born in 1952, resident of Dokuchaivsk.

2. Zubkov Valerii, born on 01.30.1950, resident of Donetsk.

3. Lytvynenko Kateryna, born in1985, resident of the village of Buhas in Volnovakha district.

4. Kovalenko Halyna, born on 12.16.1954, resident of Donetsk.

5. Krepitko Volodymyr, born on 05.12.1986 resident of Makiivka.

6. Dolhash Marharyta born in 1964, resident of Olenivka village.

7. Huban Volodymyr, born on 10.21.1955 resident of Olenivka village.

8. Karmatska Hanna, born on 12.19.1957, resident of Donetsk.

9. Maliakhova Nina, born on 10.29.1938, resident of Donetsk.

10. Liutyi Vitalii, born on 10. 05.1966, resident of Mykolaivka village in the Volnovakha district.

11. Khlepetko Volodymyr, born on 06.12.1986, resident of Makiivka.

12. Kusmarova Taisia, born on 07.13.1952, resident of Makiivka.

13. Kolodiazhnyi Volodymyr, born on 03.03.1955, resident of Makiivka.

14. Bakhal Yurii, born on 09.22.1962 p. resident of the village of Buhas in Volnovakha district.

15. Kirovobedra Olena, born on 07.12.1950, resident of Donetsk.

16. Kukuiuk Olha, born on 10.31.1983, resident of Shakhtarsk.

17. Special designation battalion servicemen.

18. State Border Guard Service officer.

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