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 Poroshenko prohibited sending recruits to ATO area

President of Ukraine Poroshenko promised that those mobilized who will be called out for service for the first time, will remain at their permanent places of deployment for the entire period, and will not be sent to the ATO area.

Poroshenko said opening a meeting with regional state administrations heads, Censor.NET informs citing Liga.

"We resume calling up for the military service. I also signed the corresponding document. But I absolutely forbid to involve young inexperienced people who were drafted in the army for the first time to the detachments which are located in the ATO area," the head of state said.

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Poroshenko stressed that the key objective is to teach recruits to defend the country. "Those who have a university degree will take a year, the others - one and a half to learn how to use weapons, to understand what military discipline is about," he explained.

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