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 Analysis of situation at Donetsk airport by Butusov as of January 13


According to Censor.NET sources among the airport defenders the control tower of the Donetsk airport collapsed today as a result of massive shelling from heavy howitzers which caliber was not less than 152 mm. The tower was demolished not to the fifth floor, as it was previously reported, but to the third floor. The first floor of the tower is still on fire.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov writes on Facebook, describing the combat situation in the Donetsk airport.

"The tactical situation has significantly deteriorated. The terrorists' detachments have declared refusal to observe the truce. The Russian mercenaries have completely blocked the direct passage to the village of Pisky. The warfare intensity at the airport has returned to the same level as it was before the latest cease-fire and is featured by artillery strikes and sniper attacks.

However, the Ukrainian troops managed to fight through into the airport today. They delivered supplies and a group of servicemen for rotation - it was accomplished through another road, which is still open," he wrote.

He writes that the most important thing the men from the 80th Lviv Airmobile Brigade did was that they have evacuated three Ukrainian soldiers, who were wounded yesterday, and whom the terrorists did not allow to move away, as well as six soldiers wounded today during the tower collapse.

The airport detachments are replenished at the moment: the supplies and ammunition are also provided.

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The probability of large enemy forces offensive on the new terminal is very small. Our artillery force near the village of Pisky was reinforced, all landmarks are on target, and any new attack will end like the storms in September and October - with the terrorists' major casualties.

"I do not think that our positions at the airport will be stormed. Today's worst danger is subversive groups and snipers. Though, the threat of a complete encirclement is much more real.

We've already lost direct path from Pisky village - the enemy checkpoint is deployed there. The road through Opytne village is still remaining.

If the enemy blocks this way too, we will not be able to hold the airport.

Under the conditions of cease-fire violations by the Russian Federation and its detachments the Ukrainian military command shall immediately take the following measures:

1. Strengthening of the only supply route to the airport through Opytne village by additional units, which must maintain constant contact to prevent interception of the last road for provisioning.

2. Concentrate efficient group near Pisky capable of lifting the airport's blockade. We need to completely open the way to the airport, which is currently controlled by the Motorola gang. We cannot afford to make the airport defenders' fate dependent on the enemy. If the enemy does not open the passage to the airport without any conditions in the next few days, it should be forced out from the road.

For those who say that we should observe cease-fire at any cost, I recommend making a trip to the Mechnikov hospital and seeing a list of losses and seriously wounded in the airport area.

The enemy has suspended the attacks in the vicinity of the airport not because of its desire to help save the lives of our soldiers, but because the Russian troops cannot break down the resistance of 'Cyborgs', and suffer even greater losses. There are only two options to evade deaths at the airport: a) to recognize defeat and retreat - then we will stop losing people at the airport, but people will die elsewhere. b) to strengthen our positions and not allow the enemy to force an action - to counter their force with even greater one.

The war will continue until we learn to defeat the enemy, until we create a real army instead of mobilized armed Maidan activists we have now. Putin will not be appeased by any truce," Butusov wrote.

"Unfortunately, a threat is currently created by the enemy near the Donetsk airport which is much alike to the scenario of our detachment's encirclement on the 32nd checkpoint.

All the responsibility for the incompetent decisions, for letting the enemy to establish control over the road during the cease-fire and creation of a dangerous situation rests with Chief of Staff Muzhenko and ATO Commander Pushniakov. It is absolutely clear that the situation at the airport will deteriorate further. The determined and professional actions of the military command can only become stabilizing factor," Butusov wrote.

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