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 Terrorists in ATO area outnumber Ukrainian soldiers - Pashynskyi

армия танк рф оккупанты

Parliamentary Committee for National Security and Defense Chairman Serhii Pashynskyi (People’s Front party) declares a sharp deterioration of the situation in the ATO area during the last week.

He stated this at the Verkhovna Rada conciliation board on Monday, Censor.NET reports.

Speaking at the conciliation board of parliamentary groups and factions of the Verkhovna Rada, Serhii Pashynskyi, in particular, said: "I want to draw the attention of all my colleagues to the fact that the situation in the ATO area has unfortunately worsened in the last week."

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"It was registered for the first time that the terrorists and the Russians (Russian soldiers - Ed.) outnumbered all our forces. I stress, that this is the first time we have such a situation," the National Security and Defense Committee Chairman said.

"That's why I have to inform that a number of legislative acts will be submitted by the Cabinet and the President that we need to review and adopt most urgently," the deputy chairman of the Popular Front parliamentary faction said.

As you know, the intensity of attacks committed by the militants in the ATO area has sharply increased at the end of last week. The ATO press center links it to the arrival of the Russian eleventh "humanitarian convoy".

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