Russia is ready to send another "humanitarian aid" convoy to Donbas on Jan.8

The 11th humanitarian aid convoy is scheduled to be dispatched on Jan. 8.

This was stated by Viktor Yatsutsenko, head of the National Center for Crisis Management of Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations, Censor.NET informs referring to TASS.

"The dispatch of the 11th humanitarian aid convoy is scheduled for Jan. 8. The convoy will deliver about 1,400 tons of humanitarian aid to the Donbas," Yatsutsenko said.

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Since mid-Aug. ten such convoys have crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border without obtaining permission from Ukrainian authorities. The Ukrainian side did not coordinate their movements as well. The Red Cross also has no relation to the latest convoy. Since Ukrainian border guards were not allowed to the clearance, it remains unknown what the so-called humanitarian aid convoy carries.

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