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 There were two cases of stove-piping about situation in Donbas in social networks recently - ATO press center

Untrue information concerning the situation in the ATO area was spread in the information space over the past 24 hours, particularly in the social networks.

Censor.NET reports citing the ATO press center official statement.

The statement reads: "We rebutted data last night being disseminated in the social networks recently that the fierce battle was allegedly underway in the village of Pisky and that there were victims among the Ukrainian military. There were also reports in the social networks in the morning that the militants have allegedly attacked the checkpoint near the village of Krymske and the battle took place with casualties as a result.

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"Subsequently, the information saying that the ammunition is not delivered to the front line near the village of Pisky and the detachments located there are left without artillery support, appeared in the social networks on behalf of one of the leaders of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) battalion. This statement also contained appeals to the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to disregard the orders of the command.

"Such statements are untrue, they misinform society, undermine the credibility of the military to their leadership and play into the Russian propaganda and pro-Russian terrorists' hands.

Ukrainian soldiers are bravely holding their positions. They are fully supplied with ammunition and have comprehensive support.

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"We urge the citizens and journalists to gather and spread only reliable information obtained from the official sources," the statement reads."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n318772