Ukraine will be an exemplary country in the European Union - Yatseniuk. VIDEO

Ukraine's Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk is confident that Ukraine will be an exemplary country in the European Union.

He said this in his New Year and Christmas address, Censor.NET reports.


Please see the full text of the prime minister's address below:

"Dear Ukrainian brothers and sisters! A year has passed. For some, it was just a calendar year. And for us, for Ukrainians, and for our state - it was an era. The era of fight for our freedom, our independence, our right to live, our right to have our state - our Ukraine.

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"We stood. They tried to destroy us, they tried to fight us, they tried to capture us. But we fought, we struggled, and we won. We won our country and our future.

"Each of us is thinking what tomorrow brings. And this is natural. A human wants to know what life will look like, and whether there is certainty that tomorrow will be better. There is the certainty. There is the certainty and faith that we together will pull through, that we together win. That our country will be an exemplary country in the European Union. That our Ukrainian family will be a decent European family with a Ukrainian passport, Ukrainian citizenship, and this passport would allow moving around the EU freely.

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"Faith, firmness, and hard work are the recipe for our Ukrainian success. Together we win. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! God is with us, and this means success and victory are with us."

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