The Times names Merkel Person of the Year

British newspaper The Times calls German Chancellor Angela Merkel Person of the Year for her contribution to European security.

The paper referrs to Merkel as "The woman we need in a world full of danger men," Censor.NET reports citing The Times.

"For her central role in preserving European stability at a time of resurgent Russian aggression in eastern Europe, Angela Merkel is named today as The Times Person of the Year," the newspaper notes.

The media explains the choice: "The German chancellor, who must decide by 2016 whether to stand for a fourth term in office, was chosen principally for taking control of the west's fraught negotiations with President Putin of Russia after his annexation of Crimea."

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"Mrs. Merkel has shown herself to be an indispensable power broker in a year when east-west relations have been tested to the breaking point in the most dangerous geopolitical crisis since the Cold War," The Times notes.

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