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 Law extending NSDC status will be adopted Thursday - Parubii

First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrii Parubii hopes that the Parliament will pass the law that expands the powers of the National Security and Defense Council on Thursday.

He said this in the interview with Channel 5 on Tuesday night, Ukrainska Pravda wrote.

As you know, the parliament lacked 3 votes for expansion of the NSDC authorities Dec. 23. "The fact that today we have not adopted this law made us weaker but not stronger. In fact, this bill, which was aimed at broadening of the NSDC powers, in my opinion, is very urgent and very necessary for Ukraine," Parubii said.

"I will gather representatives of all the factions that had questions concerning the Law on the National Security and Defense Council tomorrow noon, and I have almost no doubt that we'll settle all the conflict points tomorrow, and will pass this law Thursday, and I think, even by constitutional majority," he added.

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